Hello! Welcome to my blog! I post on RPG horror fanarts basically! I absoulutely love RPG horror games, so anyway, Here are some links or whatever for u: the links are useful!
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Anonymous sent: I've met many disabled and neuroatypical people who have issues with "retard/retarded" being used as a slur. I am mostly physically disabled, but I have seen neuroatypical people be discrimated against for their disabilities many times. It's not as if the use of retard as a slur will hurt everyone who sees/hears it, but it hurts enough people. Your posts reach a wide audience, so, it's more considerate of your audience for you to not use retard as a slur. Sorry to drag out the discussion too.

I know, guys, I changed the word already, I’ve already said I won’t use it again, please don’t drag the discussion, it’s already been settled and was just a common misunderstanding…..

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Anonymous sent: Sorry to drag out the discussion about the use of the word 'retard' but i wanted to respond to that last anon of yours. I'm pretty sure that most of the able-minded people are asking you not to use it because we have seen the word used to hurt and discriminate against other disabled people in our lives who might not even be capable of defending themselves. One person can't speak for everyone, you know? That's just my input though; thanks for being so understanding about all this!

It’s fine! And you’re welcome!

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Anonymous sent: i also am classified as such but i still find it offencive when people use it as such, thanks for being understanding on the matter, i really love your current theme by the way dreaming mary is one of my favourite games!

Okay! YeahI really like my new theme now!

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Anonymous sent: I gotta admit that a lot of the horror games that I have seen released recently were... underwhelming to be honest. Konstandin was pretty shallow, Pocket Mirror was more puzzle than horror and only has pretty graphics going for it so far and while I liked Mad Father and Misao, they were pretty predictable. I wish there were more like The Here and Now of Yesterday, The Longing Ribbon, Ib, The Witch's House or Hello Hello.

I’ve gotta be honest, I kinda agree with this anon, I hope the full games will be WAY BETTER. And if you’re wondering what a goid demo is like, Mica: Apoptosis’s demo, I think THAT’S how you pull off a demo, like literally, Mica is AMAZING!

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Anonymous sent: I have a mental disorder that would make people classify me as "retarded" and I have no problems with you using the word. Most of the people that have problems with the word are able-minded people.

Okay! But well, it wouldn’t hurt to not use the word right?

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kakurenbo (game)
Kakurenbo is cancelled!


I’m very sorry to all my supporters and all those who wanted to play my game! I thank you guys for being with me all this time!

But sadly, Kakurenbo has been cancelled. School has started for me, and I’m busy with a lot of other things as well. I don’t see myself working on this game in the future, and to be honest, I’ve lost my motivation. 

I’ve also lost motivation on the side game I said I was working on as well. Sorry I made you guys curious for no reason.

Maybe you guys will see me in the future, working on a new game or something along the lines. I guess I’ll see you guys later then.

WHAT!? NO! PLEASE! I…..well, if that’s what you really feel then I guess I can’t stop you…….I’ll really miss you and your game…..please to the remaining game devs, If you ever feel too stressed or whatever, talk to me about it please, I don’t want to see anyone else go, we’ve already lost 3, bye bye, Kakurenbo……*intense gross sobbing*

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tokyo ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul Fangame


Tokyo Ghoul
- Wrong World –

Hello there, Tokyo Ghoul fans! How would you react if I told you that I am currently creating a Tokyo Ghoul fangame? I am, indeed, making one. Now, it is currently in its early stages of development, but the plot structure and general idea stands.

-          Created in RPG Maker VX Ace by Schwer-von-Begriff (2 1/2 years experience with RPG Maker)

-          Entirely self-made tiles

-          Play as Amelie Akiyama (first name can be changed) and meet the characters you know and love

-          Determine which path you will take; are you for or against ghouls?

-          Make friends and foes

-          …and maybe find love (Depends on fan demand! If you DO want it, then there will be a poll to figure out which three characters should be a love interest.)

-          Fight against ghouls and ghoul investigators

-          Earn money from fights and side jobs to buy new objects/armour

What I am looking for:

-          Artists for Character Portraits and CG’s

-          Artists for the Title Screen

-          Possible Scripters

-          Possible people that could create original music

-          People that spread the word

To answer a few questions, I will now proceed to tell you the basics about the game in more detail: It is made in the RPG Maker VX Ace, by yours truly. I am creating my own tilesets and character sprites, so this game will have 100% self-made graphics. The game itself will feature all of our favourite characters – and a new main character that you play as. While it does follow the storyline loosely, there will be a ton of new things that drive away from the plot of the manga and follow the story of the MC.

Main Character:


Pick Amelie’s first name and experience the world of Tokyo Ghoul from her point of view. Determine which path she will take and make friends along the way. Will you be able to figure out what lurks in the past of her family?


Visit Anteiku and drink a cup of coffee, study psychology in the university or communicate with the CCG – you can do it all! A lot of places from the manga/anime will make an appearance in the game and new places like your own dorm room or your father’s house will form the bustling city of Tokyo. But beware of the dark alleyways, because who knows what lurks there…


Did you ever dream of ordering cake from Kaneki or having a friendly chat with Amon? Well, now you can do both! You will meet a ton of well known characters – and your own actions will determine who will become friend or foe! Who knows, you might even be able to find love? (Depends on fan demand.)


Pick paths in this strange world that is so wrong deep down inside. Your actions will decide which path Amelie will walk on – will she become the ghoul profiler that she always wanted to be? Will she turn out to be nothing more than a psychology student? Or will she become something else?

Go on missions to move the plot forward. In-between main quests you might want to get closer to the other characters, so be sure to take a lot of side quests if you want to know more about them!

Fight against ghouls or ghoul investigators in round-based battles, level up your stats and buy better weapons and armor from collecting money. To earn some extra pocket money be sure to do some side jobs! (The game will use Yanfly’s Visual Battler script.)

Tokyo Ghoul guys! This is also the same creator as The Haunted World! So please help out!

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Anonymous sent: hey pls don't use the word "retard" it's very, very ableist + hateful

What! So sorry! I didn’t know, I’m so stupid, sorry! I’ll go fix that! Sorry!!!

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Anonymous sent: a-ah sorry to intrude but could you not use the word retard in that way? it upsets me when the word is used as a slur...

Oh! Ok sorry! Ill edit that right away!

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