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Reblog if you are making an RPG MAKER HORROR game!

This is your ticket to be on one of my most famed posts, the New RPG HORRORs list, once you reblog this, I’ll check your blog out and then decide whether or not I’ll put it in my list through a survey.

Why should you?

1. Currently, the post is at 2500+ notes
2. I’ve noticed that each update gets 100 - 200+ notes (Latest update just hit 294 notes!)
3. I will reblog your posts, showing it to my 2600+ followers (btw thanks guys, luv ya \( >3<)/)

If you don’t get accepted, don’t feel bad, look at Ib, it doesn’t have the best art nor the best graphics either, but how famous is it? Hm? I thought so, so don’t be sad and keep going on!

(If you do not have a lot of Info on the blog so far, still reblog this, I will watch over your game first)

Edit: Oh and please no fangames! That,s for a different list I’ll make in the future!

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    Hi! Reblogging this for FLUX. It fits enough to be both a Yume Nikki fangame AND a Yume Nikki-inspired game in certain...
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    hey friends reflagging this here not because I’m making my own game but because there has to be 1 or 2 of you out of my...
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    Welp, let`s try at least! The fact that I`m reblogging this is knida a little spoiler to the game? But who cares and...
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    Iter: Itineris, a surreal horror exploration RPG, Yume Nikki fangame. Link http://itergame.tumblr.com/
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